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This section will be updated as questions are asked.

Can you define the neighborhood boundaries?  Ie by “West Humbolt Park”  do you mean within the official community boundaries between North Ave to the North, Chicago Ave to the South, Pulaski to the East and Cicero to the West OR will it also include the neighborhood east of Pulaski but west of the actual Park?  (Bronzeville is clearer but would not hurt to give the street boundaries for both neighborhoods especially if the thought is not consistent with the City neighborhood boundaries.)



Humboldt Park:

N – Bloomingdale Ave

E – Sacramento Boulevard/Humboldt Drive

S - Kinzie St/ Union Pacific Railroad tracks

W – Train tracks between Kostner and Cicero



N – I-55

E – Cottage Grove

S – 51st Street

W – Dan Ryan


Who will be on the Jury, will they be consistent through all phases?


You can find the entire jury listed on this page. All jurors will be present for both phases of the competition.


In addition to the “additional prize of $20,000” mentioned for Phase III, will there also be a formal AIA Contract and Fee established between the winner and Related for implementation?


A formal contract will be required, however, there will most likely be several omissions required.


Under Submisison Requirements on Page 5:  Please clarify that the first bullet point is to speak conceptually about how design idea will contribute to reducing the prevailing cost of construction and it is not the intent to have a construction estimate as part of Phase 1.


The Phase 1 questions are meant to engage participants to think critically and conceptually, NOT to build a formal budget or estimate.


Should we wait to register once our team is completely solidified? Or will we be able to add team members later?  (ie between now and Jan. 31st?


You may register at any time. If there are amendments to your team, you may notify us at anytime.


Do the total costs listed on page 4 of the brief (250K for Single Family and 350K for two flats) include land cost and profit?


You should assume that land will come at no cost and the project's profit should also be ignored.


Will the Phase 1 concept drawing be projected on a screen for Jury Review? Or viewed via hard copy?


Phase 1 will be viewed from a screen.

May I submit more than one idea?

No, one submission per entrant, please!



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